It is with a heavy heart that I announce: I will no longer be writing for Raptors Republic.

It has been an incredible honor to write for RR over the past two years. I’m a fan, first and foremost, and I remember reading the site as early as 2008. Before I became a contributor, I was reading Roll Calls and bickering with Tim W. in the comments. As a lifelong Raptors fan, RR will always be home.

I have many thanks to give.

I must thank Blake Murphy for extending an invite to join the writing team. He shot me an email on a Thursday night in two Septembers back and it changed my life. Over the past two years, I have become good friends with Blake. He has a brilliant mind for basketball and he’s a tremendously talented writer. Moreover, he’s a good man and his heart is always in the right place.

I must thank Sam Holako for being my confidant. I’m not proud to admit this, but I used to pester Sam all the time about linking my shitty personal blog on RR before they finally caved and put me on the team. Sam is good people and he’s always been in my corner trying to help me. I got all the time in the world for him.

I must thank Zarar Siddiqi for being the best editor I’ve ever reported to. No one works harder than Zarar and without him, RR would be nowhere close to where it is today. His talent, his abilities, and his vision drives the site. He’s like Kyle Lowry: short, loud, and sometimes goes too far, but he’ll go all-out for the team and whatever we need, Zarar’s there to provide.

Lastly, I must thank the readers. I thank you for putting up with my awkwardness, my shitty hot takes, and my constant stuttering in podcasts. Thank you for every click, every share, every comment, and for your time. It truly humbles me in every way possible. A special shoutout to my first ever reader, Andrey Osipov, from way back in the dirty Blogger days.

Thank you, and goodbye.


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