There’s no other way around it: The Los Angeles Lakers are a flaming mess, and they’re led by a head coach in Byron Scott that deals in contradictions.

From theScore:

Chemistry problems

There’s no problem with the Lakers, says Scott, except for their glaring problems.

When asked about his team’s quibbles over shot distribution, Scott toldMark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News on Friday that the team doesn’t have any chemistry issues.

“We don’t have chemistry problems. Our guys get along,” Scott said. “We just don’t trust each other on the floor.”

Wait, what?

When pressed further, Scott pointed to the team’s overabundance of ball-dominant players.

“Guys sometimes want the ball in their hands and they don’t trust making passes to other guys,” Scott said. “We have to get to the point where the ball doesn’t stick and we find open guys. When you have young guys that are so used to having the ball, getting rid of it is sometimes an issue. That’s what we’re trying to break.”

Notice Scott’s caveat of “young” guys, through which he not-so-subtly lamented the lack of ball movement by players like D’Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, and Jordan Clarkson.

But what of Kobe Bryant, or whatever zombified 2015 version that haunts the Lakers by posting the least efficient scoring season since 1984? What of the famously pass-averse hardcourt recluse?

“He has that privilege (to shoot), basically,” Scott told reporters after Bryant’s four-point, 1-for-14 outing.

So, Scott admits there are trust issues, but he’s also promoting a double-standard that actively divides the team. Some mysteries aren’t mysteries at all – they’re stubborn refusals to look within.

Read more: theScore


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