Get this: Draymond Green, at 6.7 per game, is averaging more assists thanLeBron James.

From theScore:

The unstoppable play

When the Warriors really need a basket, they turn to the play that no team in the NBA has yet to figure out: the spread pick-and-roll with Curry and Green.

It works because the defense has three options: go under the screen, switch the play, or aggressively trap. The first one isn’t actually an option because Curry’s far too deadly a shooter, and the second one doesn’t work because Curry’s handles are too slick for any big to keep up with him.

That’s why teams usually trap Curry 30 feet from the basket and take their chances with Green playing 4-on-3. But that’s just as effective for the Warriors, because Green’s ability to handle, drive, and dish is terrifying.


Green’s shooting 43.8 percent from deep, so right off the bat, he can pick and pop for an easy score. But he causes even more problems when he drives. Green’s able to get to the rim in three dribbles and finish at the basket, so help has to come. However, that becomes a “pick your poison” scenario: The Warriors have three more 40-plus percent 3-point shooters along the perimeter, so where can you afford to send help?

That’s the play that doomed the Los Angeles Clippers when Golden State erased a 23-point deficit last Thursday. Notice the two drive-and-dish connections between Green and Iguodala.

Read more: theScore


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