And with Mirotic finding his groove, the best of the Bulls may also be yet to come.

From theScore:

Mirotic’s shooting plays a pivotal role in Hoiberg’s pace-and-space offense, and it’s the main reason why Noah was evicted from the starting unit.

For all his defensive talents, Noah’s offensive shortcomings grind Chicago’s offense into the ground. Noah is averaging 2.4 points per game on the season and the Bulls are scoring 96.3 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor.

It all traces back to Noah’s inability to shoot. Defenses are just sitting back when Noah has the ball, opting to take away cutters and stay at home on shooters. Here, the Bulls try to run their three-man weave at the top of the floor, but it leads nowhere because Andre Drummond completely ignores Noah.

That dynamic changes with Mirotic on the court. On the same play, Mirotic is able to keep the defense honest by keeping his man tied to the perimeter, which opens up room for Rose to get into the paint for an open floater.

Read more: theScore


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