Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is blessed with prescient passing vision and superhuman speed. It only makes sense for the team to play to his strengths.

From theScore:

That, however, wasn’t the case last season. Despite Wall’s league-leading assist total, Washington finished 19th in offensive rating – wedged between two decidedly lackluster teams in the Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets. And despite Wall’s explosiveness in transition, Washington posted a pedestrian ranking of 16th in pace.

This season, the Wizards are looking to change up their attack to make better use of Wall’s speed. As Wall explained in training camp, the offense will be “totally different.”

“It was totally different because we did a lot more running because our offense has changed,” Wall told Jorge Castillo of the Washington Post. “We’re getting more up-tempo.”

True to form, the Wizards did look different – unrecognizable, even – during preseason. Washington ranked fourth in pace, first in percentage of points scored in transition, and not coincidentally, their offensive rating shot up to a league-best 106.8 points scored per 100 possessions.

Read more: theScore


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