The Spurs are better than ever in Tim Duncan’s 19th season.

From theScore:

When all else fails, the Spurs can still reliably go to the post. David West, Duncan, and Aldridge are three of the best low-post scorers in the league, and Leonard’s refined his post game by borrowing a few jab-step combinations from Kobe Bryant to set up his turnaround jumper. Leonard ranks as the third-best post scorer in the league at 1.07 points per post-up.

As for Boris Diaw, well, it’s never quite clear whether the bulbousFrenchman is dancing or balling on his many awkward, balletic post adventures.

Unlike their defense, the Spurs’ offense is complex. But the principle is the same: Execution above all else. No one holds the ball too long, everyone’s willing to make the extra pass, players cut and screen with oomph, and there’s enough shooting, creativity, and talent to make it all sing.

It’s a beautiful game the Spurs play.

Read more: theScore


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