Game Notes:

  1. DeMar DeRozan is on some Kobe Bryant shit. The way he took over from the get go, put the Raptors in the lead, dominated smaller defenders in the mid-post, lost Justise Winslow on those high pick and rolls, the kickouts for shooters when he draws help, and to top it off, four three pointers? Masterful performance.
  2. Great game from T.J. Ross. Not sure why he didn’t play down the stretch. He had trouble guarding Dwyane Wade but so did everyone. He nailed those two spot-ups threes with a hand in his face each time, filed the lane nicely in transition, got the floater game going, and was quite effective on his closeouts against Gerald Green.
  3. Tyler Johnson will be on Shaqtin A Fool for that reverse dunk.
  4. The limitations of Bismack Biyombo became readily apparent. He’s like a mousetrap in the way he springs at fakes, and although he’s really effective when he guesses right for highlight blocks, his timing was really poor in covering the pick and roll and didn’t box out on a few rebounds.
  5. Dwyane Wade has the old man game down pat. He takes up so much space on those swerving drives into the lane, the Eurosteps in every direction paired with the ball fakes by both hands. Every play in the second half had Wade attack in PnR and either he scored, or he jumped at the hoop, drew defenders, and found shooters.
  6. Didn’t like the calls down the stretch. There were several instances of officials calling the play from across the court, overruling the immediate official, and it really killed the flow of the game which favored a shorthanded Heat squad.
  7. Got the full James Johnson experience tonight. Struggled with how slippery Wade was, kept leaving his feet to guess at Wade’s shots, and Johnson just straight-up left his bigs in a bad spot. But on the other hand, he drilled two corner threes, had that beautiful block and layup sequence in the fourth, and sometimes chaos is good.
  8. Slow game for Kyle Lowry but he really stepped up to finish the game. Got that steal, then and-one against Richardson, then followed it up with the set-up to DeRozan from deep. That’s how you end the game.
  9. Big thumbs down to the fans for a) booing Chris Bosh, and b) cheering shamelessly for pizza. A 20-point win wasn’t enough? You really need that hangover slime wedge?
  10. Big shout to Delon Wright for making the fans happy, at least, with the tough layup over two defenders to get the score to 101.

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