Game notes:

  1. First things first: I really hope Kyle Lowry is OK. Lowry didn’t see the back screen coming from Gortat and Jonas Valanciunas should have called it out but he was watching the ball at the top of the key. Looks like it’s just a sprained wrist on his non-shooting hand, but still, fingers crossed.
  2. Injuries aside, that was a masterful showing from Lowry. He’s not forcing anything, he’s always reading the defense and just taking what’s available. Example from the fourth quarter: Wizards trapped on a high screen, and Lowry tosses a beautiful pass to Bismack Biyombo for the alley-oop. The next trip down, Wizards went under on the screen to block the roll man, and Lowry popped the three. That was part of a 7-0 run which doubled the Raptors’ lead which secured the win.
  3. Gary Neal is a black hole on offense and he doesn’t shoot a high percentage. Not sure why the Wizards count on this guy so much. I guess Bradley Beal was hurt.
  4. Credit the Wizards for making it tough. They’re incredibly physical on defense; their bigs stay disciplined in walling off the paint, and their guards stay glued to the hip on baseline cuts. Referees put away the whistle, and the Raptors really struggled when they weren’t hitting shots from the outside.
  5. Speaking of shots from the outside, TJ Ross continues to be red-hot from the field. It’s always a good sign when Ross takes a pull-up because it means he’s confident, and he lacked that for the first 2 months of the season. He’s firing away at every chance he gets and he’s making them.
  6. Ross is making a strong case for a return to the starting lineup, but I think Dwane Casey likes his scoring off the bench. First off, he gets his number called way more when DeRozan isn’t on the court. Second, it would throw the rotation into whack if Ross were promoted.
  7. In the meantime, James Johnson is struggling alongside the starters. There’s no shooting whatsoever, but at least he does enough driving to slightly offset his shortcomings. Can’t wait until DeMarre Carroll comes back.
  8. Otto Porter’s length and athleticism is always going to be a problem for DeRozan. Porter doesn’t jump on the fake and it’s impossible for DeRozan to post him.
  9. Wizards can’t score in the halfcourt whatsoever. They’re not using Jared Dudley right. He should be in the corner, not up top setting screens and popping.
  10. You know who should be taking threes up top? BEBE NOGUEIRA!

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