Game Notes:

  1. I don’t know how much more of Luis Scola I can take. He’s beyond overexposed. Ersan Ilyasova ran him ragged around screens and what little he brings on offense is completely nullified by his defensive liabilities. I appreciate what he does for this team and it’s pretty awesome in the rare instances where he catches fire, but come on, let’s upgrade at four.
  2. The Lowry + bench unit were exposed on the defensive glass. Detroit loves to crash the glass, especially with a second crasher (a rarity in this transition-fearing era) and it really exposed Patrick Patterson’s inability to rebound at a decent rate.
  3. If you want to be better at life, just change your name and start wearing a headband. TJ Ross is a changed man. He’s willing to attack the paint, he’s running hard on leakouts, and he’s not at all afraid to shoot the ball. *Dons the world’s biggest headband*
  4. That was a masterful performance by Kyle Lowry with the second unit to start the fourth quarter. Those drives, the drive and kicks, the defensive rotations, and even the individual shotmaking brilliance off shitty isolations were absolutely vital.
  5. Love the defensive ability of Marcus Morris. Not many players have been able to shut down DeMar DeRozan this season, but Marcus was just stronger and bigger. He crowded DeRozan every time he got the ball and really forced him to go to his secondary options. Credit DeRozan for at least being willing to cough up the rock.
  6. Patrick Patterson is such an effective player when his three ball is dropping. Three back-breaking triples tonight, including a corner look off a Pistons turnover with four minutes left to put the game away. Let’s hang onto him through the trade deadline.
  7. Credit Jonas Valanciunas, Bismack Biyombo and everyone else for doing a great job on Drummond. He didn’t get his first offensive rebound until the 6-minute mark of the third quarter. Drummond averages five of those per game.
  8. Didn’t like the Raptors’ execution on those double high screens tonight. Last game they went 8-9 on that play in their last game. This time, the Raptors didn’t go to it until the third quarter and Biyombo and Patterson were all out of sorts in setting those screens.
  9. Is anyone still afraid of playing the Pistons in a potential 2-7 playoff series? Didn’t think so.
  10. He always gets overlooked on these, but big ups to Dwane Casey for always having his team prepared to play hard. When was the last time that the Raptors had a letdown performance in terms of effort? The loss to Cleveland a month ago? That’s great coaching.


  • Scola trying to chase Ilyasova around a Drummond screen was hilarious. We gotta upgrade.
  • Him and JV cannot be their frontcourt. It’s too much.
  • Poor shot selection early. Raps really hunting for the whistle.
  • DeRozan’s all-around ability is kinda impossible to fully stop.
  • Didn’t see much of the HORNs stuff that worked so well last time around. Maybe they’re saving it for the second half?
  • DeRozan ball denial on Marcus on the ⅓ PnR post entry
  • As long as the Raptors can dictate pace, they’re good
  • Raptors didnt concede an offensive rebound to Drummond for the first 30 minutes of the game. Thats an accomplishment.
  • Ross running hard on the break, easy looks from corner and for dunks. Comes with watching and reading the play.

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