From theScore:

Feuding with the franchise

The Kings’ front office, as usual, was in a state of instability when Karl first took over. With no central authority in charge, Karl took certain liberties with front-office decisions.

Almost immediately, reports emerged that Karl assumed some control over the roster. That was validated shortly thereafter when Karl brought in one of his favorites in Andre Miller. Then, after the team went 11-19 to finish the year under Karl’s watch, he pontificated during locker room cleanouts that he never had an untradeable player – including Cousins.

The problem would only worsen in the summer. A bombshell report fromYahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski in June claimed that Karl clamored for players and executives alike to unite in supporting his push to trade Cousins. Karl even went as far as to discuss trade possibilities with other teams.

An hour after Wojnarowski’s report dropped, Cousins echoed a popular sentiment among Karl’s former players.

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