Game Notes:

  1. Great response in the second half by the Raptors. As always, Kyle Lowry led the charge, going relentlessly into the paint and coming away with free throws. That settled the Raptors’ defense against transition opportunities, and big efforts from the likes of DeMar DeRozan, Patrick Patterson, and Bismack Biyombo carried it home.
  2. That being said, what a horrible first half. No energy, no flow, nothing. The Nets were getting wide open looks for jumpshots, Brook Lopez got whatever he wanted on the inside, and the Raptors were wholly predictable on offense, resorting mostly to shitty one-on-one play. Even Jason Thompson tried to drive to the hoop on an ISO.
  3. Speaking of JT, the newest Raptor looked competent, which is all I’m asking for from the power forward spot. He looked a bit lost in the offense and didn’t actually touch the ball on offense until five minutes into the first quarter, but he promptly canned the jumper, and proceeded to hit a three after that. Two nice weakside blocks. I’m fine with him taking Luis Scola’s minutes when the offense is working.
  4. His second career triple notwithstanding, playing Thompson with the starters is going to introduce spacing issues. DeRozan and Lowry had nowhere to go.
  5. Norman Powell continues to impress. He looked like he belonged (not surprising; he dominates the D-League and the Nets are two veterans away from the 905). He’s able to use his length effectively on defense, has a high motor, and has enough moves to attack closeouts or occasionally hit the corner 3.
  6. Thomas Robinson sucks. I can’t believe he was picked 5th overall. #KANGZ
  7. You know who doesn’t suck? Brook Lopez. Good lord the man mauled our mascot, then proceeded to demolish the frontcourt. Jonas Valanciunas was a big stumbling block, but Lopez just waltzed around him. Biyombo did alright for a key stretch in the second half (fronting him seemed to work) but that’s about it. Otherwise BroLo was a scoop-hitting, shot-swatting menace.
  8. I don’t think the Nets run many plays. For much of the second half, Lopez would get the ball in the post, and direct for where players should go. He called some nice pin-downs. Future coach?
  9. The city of Toronto is in love with Biyombo. They love his hustle, they love his dunks, they love the way he skies to the heavens for rebounds. Who cares if he doesn’t know what a double dribble is?
  10. Love TJ Ross’ confidence. He continues to hit big shots in the fourth.

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