Game Notes:

    1. I don’t know how the Bulls keep doing this. It’s beyond ridiculous. Whether it’s Aaron Brooks exploding for his best game of the year, or Jimmy Butler breaking one of Jordan’s records, or Doug fracking McDermott exploding for career highs or E’Twaun Moore going Steph Curry I just don’t get it. There’s not a pattern to these losses: they’re all uniquely shitty.
    2. He turned it on towards the end, but what a crappy defensive showing put in by DeMar DeRozan. I don’t know if he was gassed, but good lord some of the choices he was making were unforgivable. Two costly gambles, way too soft in allowing drives, Tony Snell dunked on him, didn’t track back for rebounds.
    3. Shoutout to Drake guarding the inbound and forcing a five-second inbounding violation on Justin Holiday. That was the best defense the Raptors played all night.
    4. Such a shame to waste that outing by Kyle Lowry. 33-11-7-3 and he was the only one making things happen for the Raptors. He forced three turnovers in the first six minutes and was utterly unstoppable on his drives/pull-up 3s.
    5. Very concerned about Jonas Valanciunas’ finger. Luckily it’s only a contusion, which is good news because the starting lineup can’t lose any more offense. Bismack-JJ-Scola simply won’t cut it.
    6. Also, it would be great if Luis Scola and James Johnson could make positive things happen. Scola’s regressed to the point of being utterly timid on offense, teams sag off him and he doesn’t shoot. Johnson can’t get to the hoop anymore and his defense has really fallen off. Dude got benched after McDermott lit him up.
    7. Can McDermott please chill.
    8. Curious move by the Raptors to shift back to last season’s aggressive trapping scheme once Valanciunas was ruled out. It stopped the Bulls’ guards from getting free (especially in the fourth) but it sacrificed a lot of rebounding. I think it was a “throw everything against the wall and see what sticks move”, not a permanent switch.
    9. Team really load up on Lowry and DeRozan when they don’t have shooters around them. It’s really a miracle how they combine for 40-plus every game.
    10. This is the first of a four games in five nights stretch. Horrible way to start it, especially with Lowry and DeRozan playing a combined 80 minutes.




One thought on “10 things I saw from Raptors-Bulls

  1. 1 thing I saw 10th time this season: DeRozan has no business being the max player and superstar. He has no clutch bone in his body, he is defensive liability, low efficiency volume shooter who in all important games this season was put on his place in packing order. Last night like on the nights when we played good teams we all got to see preview of his production in playoffs.


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