Game Notes:

  1. Credit to Dwane Casey for having his shorthanded team ready to play on the second night of a back-to-back after a disheartening loss. The Raptors knew exactly how Milwaukee’s overloading defense would play, and they moved the ball beautifully (27 assists) to the weakside and the corners to thwart the Bucks’ aggression.
  2. Smart move to rest Jonas Valanciunas (finger) and DeMar DeRozan (rest). There’s no need to risk re-injury with Valanciunas and DeRozan looked utterly lethargic on defense against Chicago.
  3. Breakout performance for Norman Powell. The 6-15 shooting line is the only negative from the game, but that only outlines how many opportunities he created with his relentless drives. All he needs is an in-between game, some more consistency on his jumper, and he could be a starting 2-guard in the NBA.
  4. Reminder: Masai Ujiri got Powell, Joseph, and a future 1st for Greivis Vasquez.
  5. 11:00 remaining in the third: Powell snagged a rebound and took it coast to coast for a dunk. The next play, Powell drilled an open corner three. You could hear him screaming “YEAHHHHHH” for 5 seconds as he ran back on defense.
  6. 9:36 remaining in the third: Bismack Biyombo swatted a two-handed dunk attempt by Jabari Parker. For some reason the shot clock was reset, and Dwane Casey was screaming at the refs. The play kept going, Milwaukee went back to Parker, and Biyombo again denied him at the rim. The Raptors bench went nuts.
  7. 5:23 remaining in the second: Play started with Cory Joseph getting the ball to Luis Scola in the post. Joseph then screened for Lowry who tried to cut. Play didn’t work so Joseph got a hand-off from Scola and drove baseline. That didn’t work so he kicked it out to Lowry, who whipped it back to Joseph for another drive. Kickout to Scola, who touch passed to Powell in the corner. Powell fakes, drives, gets the defense to collapse, before kicking it to Lowry. He drives, spots Powell wide open in the opposite corner, Powell drills the three to beat the buzzer.
  8. Raptors run on Kyle Lowry. As long as we don’t run him into the ground, we good.
  9. Bucks broadcaster Gus Johnson said Giannis Antetokounmpo’s playmaking ability ties back to his roots in soccer. He said Giannis had the vision of a Zidane, Ronaldo, or “that dude from the Neatherlands.” Mayyybbbeeee chill.
  10. That said, Gus Johnson is excellent. Top of the line. Really knew his stuff, very entertaining, sharp-witted.

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