Game notes:

  1. Agreed with the call to rest Kyle Lowry and Patrick Patterson. The Raptors are locked into either 1st or 2nd. No sense in risking anything with their health. Spooked by DeMarre Carroll not being on the roadtrip but again, no need to rush. Let him come back during a home game.
  2. Raptors needed him to step up with Lowry out, and DeMar DeRozan couldn’t elevate his game. The Celtics threw every defender they could at him, so I kinda get the horrendous shot selection, but when DeRozan sat out, Lowry found a way to get it done on the second night of a back-to-back (against MIL). And sure, getting shut down on offense is one thing, but letting Evan Turner go off for 17 and 7? Huge disappointment.
  3. Free throws. It’s important to make free throws. Missing 7 in the fourth quarter while the offense is sputtering really didn’t help.
  4. I hope Jonas Valanciunas had a minutes restriction (21 min) because the Raptors really needed his offense on a night where nothing was dropping. He’s had a few really nice games against the Celtics this season, and he did put up 10-7 with 2 blocks. Maybe they’re being careful with his hand.
  5. The Celtics beat you one of two ways. They either outhustle you and shut you down on defense, or they run it down your throat in transition. I wouldn’t welcome a second-round battle with these guys, but I think a healthy Raptors team beats them in 6. Take care of the ball, get back in transition, and you’re good.
  6. It’s so weird to see a 7-footer like Kelly Olynyk pulling up for jumpshots like a shooting guard. He even spots up around screens. So jarring.
  7. Solid minutes from Delon Wright. He was the only Raptor to finish with a positive plus-minus (+4) despite shooting 3-10 for 6 points. He looked solid on defense (before he ran out of gas at the end) and is a really crafty operator in the pick-and-roll. Some nice handles too.
  8. Norm Powell had a bad game. Made some mistakes on defense, wasn’t hitting his shots. Got his ass benched for James Johnson.
  9. I really miss Amir Johnson. 11 points, 14 rebounds, +18. Such a solid role player.
  10. TJ Ross threw up 18 shots tonight because that’s how bad the offense was. This team needs Lowry and Patterson so badly.

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