Game notes:

  1. Credit the Hawks’ defense for holding the Raptors to just 87 points. The Hawks overloaded the strongside, made the Raptors play 1-on-1, and avoided fouling. Seriously, DeMar DeRozan only had two free-throw attempts.
  2. Despite failing to crack 90 points, the Raptors still had a chance to steal the win. They were ultimately doomed by an inability to keep up with the Hawks’ ball movement, although jumping at every pump fake (Bebe leaped at Mike Muscala at some point and I threw a shoe across the room) really helped them along. The Raptors have shown an ability to check the Hawks in the past.
  3. Luis Scola was awful. Just awful. He had some good games against the Hawks earlier this season but he was a minus-10 in 11 minutes. Good lord.
  4. Passive performance by DeRozan. He didn’t get the whistle at times but he wasn’t as aggressive as he normally is. Settled for a lot of bad long twos, shot 7-24, and the Hawks’ bigs did an amazing job of challenging his shot inside without fouling.
  5. DeMarre Carroll returned (!!!) and looked capable. The conditioning isn’t up to snuff but he did a solid job on defense, swiping four steals in 14 minutes, drained a three, and played some power forward. Hopefully his knee is alright after seeing action.
  6. Bebe Noguiera also saw minutes, and he too was solid (save for jumping at Muscala). Bebe swung the game the last time the Raptors were in Atlanta, and he was solid yet again. His length is a problem for the Hawks.
  7. Hated listening to the Hawks broadcast. ‘Nique really, really loves to talk trash as if the Raptors didn’t take the season series 3-1. You know how Leo loves to hype up the opponent? ‘Nique does the opposite.
  8. The Raptors finally solved Dennis Schroder but they couldn’t handle Jeff Teague all of a sudden. Playing with Horford and Millsap certainly makes things easier, and Teague’s quickness off the bounce is crazy. He just gets lackadaisical at times but he was certainly aggressive tonight.
  9. Kyle Korver got three blocks. He’s lowkey a pretty decent defender. Great instincts, always willing to help, active hands. That same thing can be said about a lot of the Hawks. They play so hard on that end.
  10. Not bothered by the loss and I liked how Casey approached the game. Didn’t play his starters too long, tried a whole bunch of new lineups (gotta get Carroll those reps), and looks to be in playoff preparation mode.

2 thoughts on “10 things I saw from Raptors-Hawks

  1. Only thing I took away from that meaningless, expected loss was that Demarre Carroll looked like he might actually make a difference in the playoffs and Bebe might just be good enough to back up Valanciunas next year.


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